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Foods That Can Give You a Healthier Smile

When choosing food to eat throughout your day, it is important to make decisions that will benefit your body to ensure you have the nutrients and energy you need to function. Food choices don’t just stop at helping your body, however, what you eat can help you achieve a healthier smile.

Foods That Help Your Teeth

Finding healthy snacks is important for good oral health. Here are some foods we consider to be great for your teeth specifically.


When searching for a healthy snack that will satisfy, raw carrots are always an excellent choice. They crunchy enough to give your jaw a workout without harming your teeth and they clean your mouth as you are chewing. Pair carrots with your choice of healthy dip such as hummus for a snack you can always feel good about.


You can never go wrong with salmon when it comes to dinner planning. This popular fish has vitamin D which enables your body to absorb calcium. In addition to this, salmon’s texture is gentle on sensitive teeth and is a great post-surgery food when you need a soft food diet.


If you want a filling, healthy snack, almonds are a top choice. These crunchy tree nuts contain calcium for promoting strong teeth. And like carrots, they encourage healthy jaws by putting them to work.

Foods That Help Your Gums

When it comes to good gum health, what you eat is important, too. Here are foods we suggest including in your diet for improved gum health.


Apples are a go-to fruit for many; they pair well with other snacks such as almonds, but they are also great on their own. Similar to carrots, apples help clean your mouth as you are eating them–this includes your gums.


Dark leafy greens in general will help keep your smile in check and spinach is one of the most common varieties you will find. Raw spinach goes great in salads and helps boost sandwiches and wraps to another level. Spinach stimulates saliva as you are chewing, which helps rinse away plaque that sits on your gums and teeth.


When it comes to a snack that you can happily munch on without the guilt, celery is at the top of the list. This low-calorie vegetable packs plenty of vitamins and minerals to help your body and mouth stay healthy. Celery is crunchy, stringy, and chewy–acting as an edible toothbrush as you are chewing it. This is a versatile snack that goes well on its own for grazing, or you can pair it with no-sugar added peanut butter for a filling, nutrient packed snack.

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