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How Texture Changes in Your Mouth Can Signal You Needing an Appointment

Among the many different warning signs your mouth can send you regarding its health, the 3 examples we are using in our post today are some of the most common. The problem with these oral red flags, however, is that not many people know what they actually mean. Normally, that would simply mean that if a person experienced any of them, they would just make an appointment to come have them checked out at our office.

But for people who are neglectful or even anxious about dental care, they may use ignorance as an excuse to avoid facing how serious the situation is. So to clearly explain what these 3 changes in texture in your mouth mean for your overall oral health, here is a little more information:

A Slimy Feeling

This one is probably the most common of all in dental patients. Most often, this is due to problems with dry mouth. The lack of saliva creates a slimy substance which mostly sticks to the tongue, gums and roof of the mouth. Obviously, better hydration and an immediate trip to see us would be advisable.

White Bumps on Your Tongue

While this can sometimes be the result of biofilm on the tongue, improper hygiene, or dry mouth, it can also be from a certain type of medication, or it can also be thrush. Even though this condition is most commonly seen in babies or denture wearers, it isn’t unheard of in-between. Not only is it unsightly, it can also be painful. You’ll need to schedule an appointment to have it checked out as soon as possible.

Swollen or Puffy Gums

These are serious indicators that something is off-balance inside of your mouth. It usually has something to do with gum diseases such as gingivitis or early-stage periodontal disease. These problems only progress when left untreated. The next stage from here is usually bleeding gums, bad breath and ultimately, loose or lost teeth. This is one issue which should never be ignored, even for a short time.

If you notice something different in the way your mouth feels, chances are it is a good time to schedule an appointment. Even if there are no issues to report, it is still better to be safe than sorry when it comes to oral health. Give our office here at Holman Family Dentistry a call by dialing 479.795.1101 at your earliest convenience. Our friendly staff will be glad to make an appointment for you to stop by.

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