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Fighting Bad Bacteria
01/10/19 8:03 PM

Did you know that your mouth is host to a number of different strains of bacteria? Bacteria are tiny living organisms that move, grow, eat, reproduce, and more. These bacteria function in an ecosystem within your mouth called the “human oral microbiome.” Bacteria make up a large part of this

Fighting Halitosis
10/3/18 8:03 PM

Halitosis, or bad breath, is a troubling condition that affects 25% of the population. Although bad oral hygiene certainly has a significant impact on the severity of halitosis, it is not always the main cause. Even those with good oral hygiene habits struggle with bad breath. Although there can be

02/10/16 8:41 PM

  Gingivitis is a word we all have heard when describing a problem with dental health.  We all nod with understanding when it’s mentioned, but how many really know what it is and what causes it.  Our dental practice is here to shed some much needed light on the subject

Bad Breath
02/3/16 10:26 PM

  Ssshhhh. It’ a subject not normally talked about. Most people don’t want to mention it. We all have it at some point. Don’t think you have it? Think about “morning breath” as you turn to say good morning to your partner. Not a pleasant thought is it. Have you

Chronic Bad Breath: What’s the Deal?
11/18/15 8:39 PM

  When we suffer from bad breath, it can be embarrassing, but we are not alone. We are among 90 million other Americans that also suffer from this ailment. The good news is that there are simple ways to stop it in its tracks. The first step is to have


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