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3 Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes
02/6/19 10:20 PM

We all care about the long-term health of our teeth. In our busy lives, however, it is easy to make mistakes in our regular at-home dental hygiene routine that may be causing long-term detriment to our mouth. When our hygiene routine is in error, cavities and gum disease gain the

Fighting Bad Bacteria
01/10/19 8:03 PM

Did you know that your mouth is host to a number of different strains of bacteria? Bacteria are tiny living organisms that move, grow, eat, reproduce, and more. These bacteria function in an ecosystem within your mouth called the “human oral microbiome.” Bacteria make up a large part of this

Most Avoidable Mistakes Adults Make When Brushing Their Teeth
06/14/18 1:11 PM

You know that brushing your teeth at least twice a day is imperative to good oral health. And you probably know that using a good toothbrush is almost as important as the act of brushing itself. But did you know that there are a number of very common mistakes that

How When you Eat Affects your Dental Health
04/20/16 9:22 PM

If you focus on eating healthy foods, then you are on a good start to healthy teeth and gums. Avoiding sugar, high starch and sticky foods is one of the best things you can do to prevent tooth decay and even gum disease. But even if you are the healthiest

Concerned About Germs: Don’t Forget about the Mouth
12/9/15 10:32 PM

Many people are concerned about germs. When we constantly wash our hands, avoid places that are specifically known for an abundance of germs and continuously disinfecting our home, we could be missing one very large component of the germs in our lives – our mouth. There are more than 400


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