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Fighting Plaque: The Battle for Oral Health
03/20/19 5:52 PM

  When it comes to dental health, we hear a lot about plaque. What you may be asking is, “what is it, exactly, and what do I do to prevent it?” Here we will discuss what plaque really is, what happens when plaque is not addressed properly, and give you

The Top Reasons Diabetics Need to Stay on Top of their Oral Health 
10/6/16 2:50 PM

If you suffer from diabetes, you have many things to consider aside from your blood sugar as diabetes can affect a wide variety of aspects of your health. In fact, your oral health can directly impact how your body reacts to diabetes. If you do not take care of your

The Dangers of Diabetes and Gum Disease                                                                        
08/26/15 7:04 PM

  Diabetes and gum disease go hand-in-hand. Often when a person has one of these diseases, they are at risk for the other. Gum disease often serves as a predecessor to diabetes and the same is true in the reverse. Understanding the signs of gum disease can allow you to


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