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Dental X-Rays: Are They Really Necessary?
10/17/18 6:03 PM

Part of your care at our dental office typically involves capturing routine x-ray images of your teeth and mouth for diagnostic purposes. Dental x-rays are extremely significant in the diagnostic process for your dental care. Dental x-rays capture an image of the teeth, bones, and soft structure within your mouth.

Facts About X-Rays You Need to Know
04/19/17 3:46 PM

Whether the appearance of your teeth barely betrays your Sunday morning doughnut habit, or you need a total mouth transformation, you will probably need to get a dental X-ray at some point in your life. A vital diagnostic tool for dentists, X-rays are often misunderstood and even feared. Let’s dispel

Removing Wisdom Teeth that Don’t Hurt
12/21/16 8:17 PM

Sometimes there are reasons to remove your wisdom teeth, even if they do not hurt. You might find that you come in for a checkup and it is recommended that your wisdom teeth be removed. You will probably wonder why, since you did not even know they were there –

Are Dental X-Rays safe?
05/20/15 7:23 PM

This one is easy.  Yes! Ok, for all you non-believers out there here’s some cold hard facts.  And no I don’t mean Beliebers, that’s another type of person entirely.  I’m a Beliemer myself.  Go Hogs.  Anyway back to the facts.  Now, I’m only going into the radiographs taken at your


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