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How to Teach a Young Child to Floss on Their Own
04/7/20 10:14 PM

How to Teach a Young Child to Floss on Their Own   Teaching children how to floss properly is something that everyone parent has to take seriously. This skill will become an important part of their daily oral health care routine. They must also understand just how beneficial it is

A Guide for Childhood Dental Hygiene
05/9/19 5:27 PM

When it comes to dental hygiene, it is never too early to start training your children in proper oral health habits. From the time their first tooth emerges, you have an opportunity to begin developing proper tooth care that they will eventually (hopefully!) take over on their own for a

Early Dental Care for Babies and Toddlers
10/25/18 2:05 PM

Proper dental care should start at an early age. We at Holman Family Dentistry care deeply about ensuring your children get off to a great start in oral hygiene early in life. Children are born with approximately 20 primary teeth that have partially formed under the gums. The front bottom and

Holistic Dental Habits That Can Keep Your Mouth Healthy
11/1/17 6:43 PM

It’s important for you to establish some regular habits that can help keep your mouth looking and feeling great.  It’s even better if you can do so by using holistic methods.  At Holman Family Dentistry, we work hard to educate you on all aspects of your dental health, and holistic habits

The Importance of a Dental Baseline for your Child
04/27/16 7:21 PM

  If your child does not visit the dentist regularly, he does not have a baseline for the dentist to compare any changes that might occur in his mouth. This could prove to be detrimental to your child’s oral health, especially since a child’s mouth can change in a very


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