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Chipped Teeth – What to Do
10/10/18 6:31 PM

Perhaps it happened while eating a piece of hard candy or ice. Or maybe you fell on a hard surface. Regardless of the impact, broken or chipped teeth can happen to anyone. Even the most vigilant preventative dental care cannot avert the occasional accident that can happen to your teeth.

Dangers of Not Getting a Chipped Tooth Checked Out
07/18/18 7:33 PM

After chipping a tooth, you may be tempted to skip getting it looked at. “After all,” you may think, “it’s a long trip to the dentist’s office, and besides my tooth feels just fine. It will keep until the next time I have a normal cleaning appointment.” Such an approach

Restoration Options When You Have Chipped Teeth
11/15/17 7:20 PM

You work hard to keep your teeth healthy and strong.  Unfortunately, sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you end up with a chipped tooth.  Whether it’s due to some sort of trauma, such as an accident or fall, or whether you just bit into something the wrong way,

How to Handle a Cracked Tooth
03/2/16 10:45 PM

An injury that results in a cracked tooth can be very traumatic, whether you are young or old. Knowing how to handle the situation before it occurs can help you keep calm during the minutes following the injury. Not every cracked tooth needs to be seen by a dentist immediately,

What the Dentist Looks at During a Dental Exam
02/24/16 10:47 PM

Semi-annual dental exams are crucial to not only your oral health, but your physical health too. The exam itself involves more than looking at the surface of your teeth; your gums, bite, tongue, cheeks, neck, lymph nodes and jaw joints will also be evaluated. Each of these areas plays a

The Dangers of an Abscessed Tooth                                                                        
08/12/15 6:15 PM

  It is no secret that an abscessed tooth causes pain, but are you aware of the importance of taking care of it right away? With many toothaches, patients tend to ignore the pain until it is unbearable, hoping that it will go away on its own. Unfortunately, with an

How often should I change my toothbrush?
06/4/15 4:40 PM

There are some general rules out there about how often you should change your toothbrush, but in reality it can vary quite a bit from person to person.  In my opinion, there are two major factors that should cause you to change your toothbrush.  One of these is the brush

I chipped my tooth. What do you recommend for cosmetic/restoration?
05/1/15 3:05 PM

So you had an accident. You tripped on the sidewalk, took a big bite out of that jawbreaker, or attempted to be the hero at that party by opening a bottle with your teeth. Well, now you have a problem. You have this large chip on your front tooth. The


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