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How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life
03/1/18 3:06 PM

Dental implants are becoming the new standard in tooth replacement because they feel, fit, and function like natural teeth. They offer a long-term solution for people with tooth loss or chronic dental problems. The dental implants are artificial roots that give a permanent base for replacement teeth so they stay

Ways Your Teeth May Be Getting Worn Down
02/14/18 10:36 PM

Ideally, your teeth should last you for a lifetime.  With proper care, cleaning, and preventive maintenance, the teeth that you have as a teenager should be the same ones you have as a senior citizen.  However, teeth do wear down as the years pass, and there are some things that

Restoration Options When You Have Chipped Teeth
11/15/17 7:20 PM

You work hard to keep your teeth healthy and strong.  Unfortunately, sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you end up with a chipped tooth.  Whether it’s due to some sort of trauma, such as an accident or fall, or whether you just bit into something the wrong way,

What Happens When You Have Chipped Veneers
11/8/17 10:45 PM

Dental veneers are a wonderful way of transforming your smile and fixing damaged, gapped, discolored, or crooked teeth.  Unfortunately, sometimes a dental veneer—much like the tooth that it is covering—can be damaged or chipped due to the rigors of biting and chewing.  When this happens, we are here to help

Foods to Eat This Fall to Keep Your Teeth Healthy
10/12/17 4:22 PM

Your teeth are a crucial part of your digestive system; without them, your body would be unable to extract all the necessary nutrients it needs from the food you eat.  As such, it’s important that you do everything you can to take care of them.  Of course, brushing and flossing

What Goes On When You Have an Oral Cancer Screening?
09/20/17 9:02 PM

The term ‘oral screening’ refers to the act of looking for oral cancer before a patient shows any noticeable symptoms. Finding cancer during the early stages makes treatment easier and more effective and thus oral cancer screenings are a very important part of your oral hygiene. Scientists are still trying

Could Your Teeth Benefit from Cosmetic Dentistry?
07/12/17 6:37 PM

Is there something about your smile that is just not as nice as it could be? Maybe your teeth are not lined up perfectly, or are stained more than you feel comfortable showing off? If you have an issue that keeps you from sharing your amazing smile with the rest

5 Causes of Tooth Pain and How to Tell Which is Affecting You
04/12/17 4:35 PM

If you’ve ever experienced any kind of tooth pain, then you know just how sensitive the nerves tucked inside them can be. Tooth pain can indicate a number of different dental problems, and the type and severity of pain that you are experiencing may be able to help you determine

Braces for Adults: Having Your Teeth Straightened Before Restoration
04/5/17 7:10 PM

It can take a lot of courage to make the decision to have your teeth restored, especially if that decision has been long overdue. But hold your horses for a moment – you may need to have your teeth straightened before undergoing any major restorative dental work. Whether you need

Add These 10 Foods to Your Diet for Better Dental Health
03/1/17 7:29 PM

Food is almost always to blame for the problems that affect our teeth. Too much sugar, too many starches, and heavy grains pull minerals from the body that are vital to dental health without replacing them, and sugars are largely responsible for the plaque that builds up on teeth and


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