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Dangerous Root Canal Myths That Could Harm Your Health
09/11/19 9:11 PM

If you have heard any of the common root canal myths going around, you may be prone to believe them. In which case, if you hear that you need one, you may shy away from it or worry needlessly about it. When you know the facts, it can make the

Speed and Contact Sports- How to Avoid Dental Injury
07/18/19 5:37 PM

We are coming up on football season, and with it the reminder that in any contact sport (or speed sport) there is susceptibility to dental injury if you’re not adequately protected. In fact, it is estimated that between 13-39% of all dental injuries occur while playing sports. As well, at least

Bleeding Gums? How to Treat
05/22/19 7:23 PM

Bleeding gums is most often a warning sign, an indicator of a deeper dental issue within your mouth that should not be ignored. Most often, bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease which, when left untreated, can lead to serious long term damage to your teeth and gums, not

Ways to Whiter Teeth
05/15/19 5:36 PM

A recent study indicated that 6 out of 10 Americans believe a whiter smile would boost their self-confidence and the over the counter tooth whitening industry has soared to over $1.4B annually nationwide. America wants whiter teeth!  If you are concerned about the overall appearance of your (not so) pearly

Oral Health in the Golden Years
04/24/19 9:23 PM

Although oral health concerns such as tooth decay may be prevalent at any age, the older you get the greater the likelihood for complications with one’s oral health. Due to many factors such as other health issues that may arise, it is more important than ever to maintain a solid

Dry Mouth and Your Oral Health
04/17/19 7:29 PM

If you suffer from dry mouth, you are not unaware of the challenges it can cause in your daily life. Did you know that dry mouth also has ramifications for the health of your teeth as well? Although some symptoms can’t be avoided altogether, here you will learn what causes

The Benefits of Smiling
03/6/19 5:52 PM

At Holman Family Dentistry, we consider it a great privilege to partner with you in the protection and care of your smile. Your smile is a powerful element of who you are. Did you know that smiling can benefit your life in a number of ways? Here are the top ways

3 Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes
02/6/19 10:20 PM

We all care about the long-term health of our teeth. In our busy lives, however, it is easy to make mistakes in our regular at-home dental hygiene routine that may be causing long-term detriment to our mouth. When our hygiene routine is in error, cavities and gum disease gain the

Best Vitamins and Minerals for Oral Health
01/30/19 10:40 PM

We all want healthy teeth. You may be interested to know how your diet can affect the health of your teeth and your overall oral health. Delta Dental released an article that highlights the top vitamins and minerals your mouth needs. Here’s an overview of the top 4 and great

How to Combat Tooth Staining
01/24/19 10:17 PM

We all know that the regular consumption of coffee, tea and sodas can have a detrimental effect upon the whiteness of our teeth, but often that does not deter us from partaking! There is good news, however! There are ways to minimize the effect upon our teeth without giving up


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