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Simple Ways to Whiten your Teeth at Home
08/31/16 7:05 PM

Getting a bright, white smile does not always mean going through the whitening process. While we can help you with professional teeth whitening, there are ways that you can enhance your smile at home without any products. This method simply requires you to eat a diet that is appropriate to

Bad Breath
02/3/16 10:26 PM

  Ssshhhh. It’ a subject not normally talked about. Most people don’t want to mention it. We all have it at some point. Don’t think you have it? Think about “morning breath” as you turn to say good morning to your partner. Not a pleasant thought is it. Have you

Love Coffee and Wine but Hate the Stains on Your Teeth?
10/28/15 9:08 PM

Coffee and red wine are two favorite drinks of many adults. While they might taste great, they are not very easy on your teeth. Excessive or long-term consumption of either drink can equal unsightly stains on your teeth. Aside from giving up your favorite drinks altogether, there are a few

Using a Straw Has Many Dental Benefits
10/7/15 8:00 AM

Do you use a straw for your drinks at home? Chances are that the answer is no. Just as you receive a straw with your drink in restaurants, you should get in the habit of doing the same thing at home. Believe it or not, drinking through a straw has

How to Prevent Teeth Stains
04/16/15 7:22 PM

Can I prevent stains from coffee/wine/other on my teeth? If so, how?   You can prevent stains from coffee, wine, and some other foods to a certain extent.  The number one thing you can do is make sure you keep your teeth clean.  This is brushing and flossing two times


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