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6 Signs that Your Gingivitis is Getting Worse
11/6/19 5:23 PM

Gingivitis is a common disease that is completely reversible during its early stages. Unfortunately, if you fail to take the right steps, the condition could worsen and lead to periodontitis, which is not reversible. There are several signs that may indicate that your gingivitis has gotten worse and you are

The Benefits of Smiling
03/6/19 5:52 PM

At Holman Family Dentistry, we consider it a great privilege to partner with you in the protection and care of your smile. Your smile is a powerful element of who you are. Did you know that smiling can benefit your life in a number of ways? Here are the top ways

The Danger of a Bite That Comes Down Unevenly
03/7/18 7:48 PM

When you close your mouth your teeth should fit neatly together like the wheels of gears. If this does not occur, you can end up causing a number of serious problems. For this reason, if you have an uneven bite, we at Holman Family Dentistry would like to help you. Here

Keeping Up With Technology is Important in Dentistry
10/4/17 6:07 PM

You would not go to a surgeon who used a rusty old saw with whiskey for anesthetic.  You would not go to a doctor who insisted on attaching leeches to your arms to “bleed out” the illness.  Likewise, you would not want to go to a dentist who insists on

Braces for Adults: Having Your Teeth Straightened Before Restoration
04/5/17 7:10 PM

It can take a lot of courage to make the decision to have your teeth restored, especially if that decision has been long overdue. But hold your horses for a moment – you may need to have your teeth straightened before undergoing any major restorative dental work. Whether you need

Add These 10 Foods to Your Diet for Better Dental Health
03/1/17 7:29 PM

Food is almost always to blame for the problems that affect our teeth. Too much sugar, too many starches, and heavy grains pull minerals from the body that are vital to dental health without replacing them, and sugars are largely responsible for the plaque that builds up on teeth and

Removing Wisdom Teeth that Don’t Hurt
12/21/16 8:17 PM

Sometimes there are reasons to remove your wisdom teeth, even if they do not hurt. You might find that you come in for a checkup and it is recommended that your wisdom teeth be removed. You will probably wonder why, since you did not even know they were there –

The Importance of Dentist Appointments when you Have Braces
10/26/16 6:24 PM

If you or your teen have braces, chances are it is to obtain that perfect smile that is constantly sought after by many. But if you do not practice good oral hygiene while you have those braces, your teeth might be straight, but they could have a less than pleasing

Oral Health Problems Affect the Rest of your Life
09/14/16 4:56 PM

How you look and feel is more dependent on your oral health than you might anticipate. If you are in constant pain, have disease, decay, or cancer, your entire wellbeing is affected. You could lose teeth, lose the structure of your mouth, feel ill, and suffer from subsequent illnesses as

These Bad Habits could be Ruining your Oral Health
09/7/16 9:15 PM

Life seems to get busier and busier every year that passes. With that craziness comes new habits or trends. Oftentimes, these trends are damaging to your oral health, but because of the convenience or excitement of it, you neglect to see the damage that is occurring. Coming face to face


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