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The Oral Health Benefits of Using the Same Dentist for a Lifetime
03/14/18 6:22 PM

In our society today, change is one of the few constants.  Whether it’s changing jobs, moving into a new home, or changing the circles of friends we associate with, it seems like we change everything around us just as often as not.  Yet, there are some advantages to keeping things

Ways Your Teeth May Be Getting Worn Down
02/14/18 10:36 PM

Ideally, your teeth should last you for a lifetime.  With proper care, cleaning, and preventive maintenance, the teeth that you have as a teenager should be the same ones you have as a senior citizen.  However, teeth do wear down as the years pass, and there are some things that

Bad Habits You Want to Avoid When You Want a Healthy Smile
01/17/18 9:51 PM

Everyone wants to have that beautiful smile, even if you may be too shy to show it off all the time. However, if you are doing any of these bad habits, you may be putting that healthy, beautiful smile at risk. The best thing that you can do is to

Help for Impacted Teeth
03/8/17 9:40 PM

For those lucky enough to have enough room for their wisdom teeth to come in, impacted teeth will never be a problem. For a large number of us, however, it is fairly common for wisdom teeth to become impacted when there isn’t quite enough room in the mouth for them

Add These 10 Foods to Your Diet for Better Dental Health
03/1/17 7:29 PM

Food is almost always to blame for the problems that affect our teeth. Too much sugar, too many starches, and heavy grains pull minerals from the body that are vital to dental health without replacing them, and sugars are largely responsible for the plaque that builds up on teeth and

What is Periodontal Flap Surgery?
02/22/17 10:11 PM

Gum disease is a very serious issue that can wreak the health of your mouth over time. If it is not properly cared for, you could eventually experience gum recession, bone and tooth loss. In order to prevent this, we have several procedures in place in order to fight the

Reasons you Need Dental Cleanings with Implants
02/15/17 7:38 PM

A mistake many patients make that have had implants to replace missing teeth is slacking on their regular dental appointments. Many people think because the teeth are not real that there is no danger of decay or infection in their mouth, which means they do not need to keep coming

3 Ways Taking care of your Oral Health Stops Illnesses
01/11/17 7:52 PM

The fall and winter season are upon us, which means a higher rate of illnesses. According to the CDC, the last few months of the year are considered “flu season.” This could mean a variety of things for you this year – some years there are new strains of the

Removing Wisdom Teeth that Don’t Hurt
12/21/16 8:17 PM

Sometimes there are reasons to remove your wisdom teeth, even if they do not hurt. You might find that you come in for a checkup and it is recommended that your wisdom teeth be removed. You will probably wonder why, since you did not even know they were there –

The Importance of Dentist Appointments when you Have Braces
10/26/16 6:24 PM

If you or your teen have braces, chances are it is to obtain that perfect smile that is constantly sought after by many. But if you do not practice good oral hygiene while you have those braces, your teeth might be straight, but they could have a less than pleasing


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