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4 Important Reasons to Keep Your Regular Dental Appointment
11/13/19 3:44 PM

Do you have a dental appointment coming up but are considering canceling since your teeth feel fine? Has it been awhile since your last dental visit, but you simply don’t see the benefit of seeing us until you actually experience a problem? Are you afraid of what your dental visit

6 Signs that Your Gingivitis is Getting Worse
11/6/19 5:23 PM

Gingivitis is a common disease that is completely reversible during its early stages. Unfortunately, if you fail to take the right steps, the condition could worsen and lead to periodontitis, which is not reversible. There are several signs that may indicate that your gingivitis has gotten worse and you are

Are You a Candidate for Dental Bonding?
10/30/19 4:17 PM

Dental bonding is a simple and affordable way to fix imperfections in your smile. Despite the ease of this procedure, the results can make a big difference in the appearance of your teeth. Read on to learn more about dental bonding and whether you might be a candidate. Problems that

The Benefits of Dental Implants
07/5/17 8:57 PM

There are many reasons that one should consider getting dental implants. They can help if you are suffering from just a single missing tooth, or if you don’t have any of your natural teeth left. Not only would you be able to eat the foods you may be missing out

5 Causes of Tooth Pain and How to Tell Which is Affecting You
04/12/17 4:35 PM

If you’ve ever experienced any kind of tooth pain, then you know just how sensitive the nerves tucked inside them can be. Tooth pain can indicate a number of different dental problems, and the type and severity of pain that you are experiencing may be able to help you determine

Help for Impacted Teeth
03/8/17 9:40 PM

For those lucky enough to have enough room for their wisdom teeth to come in, impacted teeth will never be a problem. For a large number of us, however, it is fairly common for wisdom teeth to become impacted when there isn’t quite enough room in the mouth for them

Add These 10 Foods to Your Diet for Better Dental Health
03/1/17 7:29 PM

Food is almost always to blame for the problems that affect our teeth. Too much sugar, too many starches, and heavy grains pull minerals from the body that are vital to dental health without replacing them, and sugars are largely responsible for the plaque that builds up on teeth and

Using a Straw Has Many Dental Benefits
12/7/16 5:42 PM

Do you use a straw for your drinks at home? Chances are that the answer is no. Just as you receive a straw with your drink in restaurants, you should get in the habit of doing the same thing at home. Believe it or not, drinking through a straw has

Should you Get Dental Veneers?
11/16/16 8:09 PM

Cosmetic dentistry has greatly increased in popularity in recent years as people try to achieve a better smile. Your smile is a very important part of who you are as it can damage your self-esteem should you be embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth. One of the most minimally

Dealing with a Knocked out Tooth
07/13/16 5:13 PM

No one wants to think about dental emergencies, but being prepared is half of the battle. Understanding how to handle the situation and how much time you have is the only way to ensure that your situation has a positive outcome, which means trying to save the natural tooth. Stay


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