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3 Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes
02/6/19 10:20 PM

We all care about the long-term health of our teeth. In our busy lives, however, it is easy to make mistakes in our regular at-home dental hygiene routine that may be causing long-term detriment to our mouth. When our hygiene routine is in error, cavities and gum disease gain the

Why Flossing is So Important to Your Overall Oral Health
12/5/18 10:45 PM

If you are like most adults, you do not floss as often or as well as you should. You may miss doing it here and there, or not do it every single day as you should. This doesn’t really hurt your overall oral health that much, right? Well, unfortunately, that

Five Great Foods for Optimizing Your Gum Health
07/26/17 9:31 PM

There are many different foods that are touted for their benefits to your teeth, but what about your gums, do they not have any allies in the culinary world? On the contrary! There are quite a few different foods that can help to keep your gums healthy. If you have

What’s the Right Flossing Tool?
01/18/17 10:23 PM

A quick walk through the drug store and you will find that there are many different types of flossing tools. From regular floss to specially formulated floss and a whole multitude of picks and tools – how do you know what is right for you? The Technique Matters First and

The Importance of Dentist Appointments when you Have Braces
10/26/16 6:24 PM

If you or your teen have braces, chances are it is to obtain that perfect smile that is constantly sought after by many. But if you do not practice good oral hygiene while you have those braces, your teeth might be straight, but they could have a less than pleasing

Good Oral Health for Kids Starts with Us
12/23/15 5:21 PM

We want the best oral health for your child, but before we can do that, it is important to focus on ourselves. Parents are the first role model that children look up to, which means if we have poor oral hygiene habits, our kids will likely create the same habits.

Concerned About Germs: Don’t Forget about the Mouth
12/9/15 10:32 PM

Many people are concerned about germs. When we constantly wash our hands, avoid places that are specifically known for an abundance of germs and continuously disinfecting our home, we could be missing one very large component of the germs in our lives – our mouth. There are more than 400


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