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The Foods You Eat Can Impact the Health of Your Gums
11/14/18 9:51 PM

Do you want to make sure that your gums are as healthy as possible? If so, then you want to keep a close eye on your diet. Your gums take a lot of the nutrients out of the food you eat, and make you healthier as a result. If you

How When you Eat Affects your Dental Health
04/20/16 9:22 PM

If you focus on eating healthy foods, then you are on a good start to healthy teeth and gums. Avoiding sugar, high starch and sticky foods is one of the best things you can do to prevent tooth decay and even gum disease. But even if you are the healthiest

Good Oral Health for Kids Starts with Us
12/23/15 5:21 PM

We want the best oral health for your child, but before we can do that, it is important to focus on ourselves. Parents are the first role model that children look up to, which means if we have poor oral hygiene habits, our kids will likely create the same habits.


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