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How to Teach a Young Child to Floss on Their Own
04/7/20 10:14 PM

How to Teach a Young Child to Floss on Their Own   Teaching children how to floss properly is something that everyone parent has to take seriously. This skill will become an important part of their daily oral health care routine. They must also understand just how beneficial it is

A Guide for Childhood Dental Hygiene
05/9/19 5:27 PM

When it comes to dental hygiene, it is never too early to start training your children in proper oral health habits. From the time their first tooth emerges, you have an opportunity to begin developing proper tooth care that they will eventually (hopefully!) take over on their own for a

Oral Health in the Golden Years
04/24/19 9:23 PM

Although oral health concerns such as tooth decay may be prevalent at any age, the older you get the greater the likelihood for complications with one’s oral health. Due to many factors such as other health issues that may arise, it is more important than ever to maintain a solid

Choosing Dental Floss- What Kind Should I Use?
11/20/18 3:35 PM

Flossing as a regular part of a dental care routine can be a significant defense against gum disease and dental cavities. The purpose of floss is to remove food and dental plaque from between teeth and under the gumline where toothbrushes are unable to reach. The American Dental Association states

Fighting Halitosis
10/3/18 8:03 PM

Halitosis, or bad breath, is a troubling condition that affects 25% of the population. Although bad oral hygiene certainly has a significant impact on the severity of halitosis, it is not always the main cause. Even those with good oral hygiene habits struggle with bad breath. Although there can be

What to Have on Hand for After an Extraction
08/8/18 8:59 PM

Having a tooth extracted can be a harrowing process. Although we at Holman Family Dentistry strive to make the procedure go as quickly and easily as possible, we know that you may be feeling a little bit of anxiety. Here are some things you can keep on hand to make the

Most Avoidable Mistakes Adults Make When Brushing Their Teeth
06/14/18 1:11 PM

You know that brushing your teeth at least twice a day is imperative to good oral health. And you probably know that using a good toothbrush is almost as important as the act of brushing itself. But did you know that there are a number of very common mistakes that

Common Problems People Face Following Dental Implant Surgery
05/30/18 3:59 PM

A lot goes into dental implant surgery. It takes time to get the implants properly in place. During that time, your mouth was manipulated around, which can cause you to feel different for a short period of time after surgery. Most of the problems you feel right after surgery are

Taking Care of Your Teeth for a Lifetime Means Starting As Young As Possible
05/9/18 9:39 PM

Here at Holman Family Dentistry, we believe in what we call Continuing Care. This is the process of starting with patient education as young as possible, and continuing it on for years to come. This allows you to set a great foundation for a healthy smile, and keeps you educated on

Would a Water Flosser Help Your Teeth Remain Healthier?
04/18/18 9:53 PM

A lot of people struggle with flossing their teeth. They either don’t do it often enough, or they don’t do it well enough to give their mouth the benefits that come with flossing. If you are one who struggles with flossing, you may want to consider a water flosser instead.


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