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Most Avoidable Mistakes Adults Make When Brushing Their Teeth
06/14/18 1:11 PM

You know that brushing your teeth at least twice a day is imperative to good oral health. And you probably know that using a good toothbrush is almost as important as the act of brushing itself. But did you know that there are a number of very common mistakes that

Best Summer Fruits for A Healthy Smile
08/23/17 8:51 PM

Not all fruits are considered great for your teeth due to the natural sugars they contain, but eaten as part of a healthy diet and followed up by a good oral hygiene routine, they can help your smile. During these summer months, many people want to be able to enjoy

Five Great Foods for Optimizing Your Gum Health
07/26/17 9:31 PM

There are many different foods that are touted for their benefits to your teeth, but what about your gums, do they not have any allies in the culinary world? On the contrary! There are quite a few different foods that can help to keep your gums healthy. If you have

5 Causes of Tooth Pain and How to Tell Which is Affecting You
04/12/17 4:35 PM

If you’ve ever experienced any kind of tooth pain, then you know just how sensitive the nerves tucked inside them can be. Tooth pain can indicate a number of different dental problems, and the type and severity of pain that you are experiencing may be able to help you determine

Braces for Adults: Having Your Teeth Straightened Before Restoration
04/5/17 7:10 PM

It can take a lot of courage to make the decision to have your teeth restored, especially if that decision has been long overdue. But hold your horses for a moment – you may need to have your teeth straightened before undergoing any major restorative dental work. Whether you need

The Importance of Dentist Appointments when you Have Braces
10/26/16 6:24 PM

If you or your teen have braces, chances are it is to obtain that perfect smile that is constantly sought after by many. But if you do not practice good oral hygiene while you have those braces, your teeth might be straight, but they could have a less than pleasing

These Bad Habits could be Ruining your Oral Health
09/7/16 9:15 PM

Life seems to get busier and busier every year that passes. With that craziness comes new habits or trends. Oftentimes, these trends are damaging to your oral health, but because of the convenience or excitement of it, you neglect to see the damage that is occurring. Coming face to face

Simple Ways to Whiten your Teeth at Home
08/31/16 7:05 PM

Getting a bright, white smile does not always mean going through the whitening process. While we can help you with professional teeth whitening, there are ways that you can enhance your smile at home without any products. This method simply requires you to eat a diet that is appropriate to

Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Bonding?
08/3/16 4:27 PM

  If you do not have a perfect smile, cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of choices to repair them. This is great news for people that have suffered from an unsightly smile that embarrasses them or causes them to have self-esteem issues. One of the options to correct a less

A Crown in a Day – Is it Possible?
07/27/16 8:32 PM

Sometimes decay or trauma can cause your tooth to become so damaged that you may need some support in order to keep your natural roots. That support comes in the form of a dental crown. The traditional crowns take two appointments to complete. The first appointment is when your tooth


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